Saturday, 28 September 2013

Yankee candle -My Obsession

It would be wrong to say that I am a Yankee addict, I prefer the term "Over enthusiastic candle lover".  I have been watching many YouTube videos and in the majority of them there are candles in the background, which creates a beautiful ambience for the room.  My jealousy seeped through my veins at the thought that I do not own any candles and therefore my room must not bear any "ambience".  
  In one video, Yankee Candle was mentioned and so I obviously googled it and before long I was trawling through pages of incredible scents.  My initial thought was "I WANT THEM ALL!", however my after thoughts consisted of me categorising the scents into season suitability.  Sad, I know.  
  For a while I forgot about them but they were always it was always in the back of my mind, until I ventured out with my friend to go shopping and she mentioned that Yankee Candles were sold in a nearby shop.  This was probably a mistake as we spent about an hour looking at all the different smells, and to make matters worse there was a sale on.  In the end I bought 3 sample candles which I am yet to burn.  I chose "Vanilla Chai" because it smelt like Christmas! The second one I chose was "Salted Caramel".  Just because it's SALTED CARAMEL.  Thirdly, I chose "Lake Sunset" because I thought "What? A sunset in a candle?" And it smells amazing!  
  I was so excited, when I got home I told my mum and we went out and bought two large candles in "Fluffy Towels" (this had the same reaction as the "Lake Sunset") because I was amazed that they could put the smell of a towel in a candle.  Secondly we bought "Waikiki Melon" because it was bright orange and it smelled so good! 
  So here was just a short post as a bit of a gap- filler as I have been busy.  I know this is a bit of a weird thing to talk about but oh well. :) 

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(This was not a sponsored post.  I just really love Yankee Candle.)