Friday, 11 October 2013

It's About Time

  Richard Curtis has wowed me again.  When I heard about this film I wanted to see it.  Then when I found out Richard Curtis had directed it, I wanted to see it even more.  Having created "Love Actually" and "The Time Traveller's Wife", Richard Curtis never fails to produce a heart-warming film which I always end up loving.
  I enjoyed the fact that as I watched it, I kept having those "Oh it's them!" moments as I spotted such actors as Bill Nighy who never fails to make me laugh, Richard Griffiths whom I grew fond of throughout the Harry Potter years, Rachel McAdams whom I idolised in the chick flick "Mean Girls" as her portrayal of "Regina George".  

  The plot line was quite unexpected at the beginning as obviously the audience were unsure to which point he was going to travel back in time to.  However towards the end, it became a bit predictable that something sad was going to happen (SPOILER ALERT!).
  I found that even though the film was about time travel, the story was quite easy to follow and it was one that you did not have to think to hard about to understand it which I liked as even though I find time- travel films, more often than not, I get confused with the plot.  
  The cinematography was quite intricate, in the sense that it felt very "English-cottage-in-the-countryside".  In addition to that, it also seemed to be quite shaky as though it is through the characters eyes which I feel made it so typically "British" looking and cosy.  
  All the actors played their parts very well and I felt they conveyed the emotion of the (SPOILER ALERT!) funeral and it encourages the audience to make a connection with the characters and by doing this, the audience may be able to empathise with them.  It is so easy to grow an attachment to these fictional beings who seem so real and who make the story so uplifting.  My only criticism is that Rachel McAdams -as much as I like her- she was not as likeable as the other characters which I feel accentuated the internal struggle that Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) had when (SPOILER ALERT) choosing between a third child and being able to go back in time and see his father (Bill Nighy).  
  My favourite scene was the train station scene at the beginning of Mary and Tim's relationship as it sparks the initial excitement as the start of something new.  Another scene which was so heartfelt was the last scene in which (SPOILER ALERT) Tim visits his dad for the last time and they go back in time to "Take a walk" with eachother when Tim is a little boy.  It brought me close to tears and I think if I hadn't been in a cinema with other people and my parents, I would definitely have blubbed. (Ooh that's a good word isn't it? BLUBBED. Ooh.) 

         I shall, without a doubt be purchasing this film and watch it endlessly (like I always do with a new film.)
If you have not seen About Time, I highly recommend it! In fact go and book tickets to see it right now! Put down your coffee or tea or even if you're chasing someone to the airport to tell them you love them (classic Friends moment).

I hope you have enjoyed reading this!